HRG Partners consultants

Therapy and Counseling

Our partners all have senior level experience in business and hold qualifications in psychology, philosophy and psychotherapy.  We offer to our clients both an understanding of life in commercial and professional settings and insight into the human condition and its dilemmas.

Our combination of skills and experience enable us to work with clients on their personal way of being within a work context, and help them to improve the way they work and interact with others.

All partners subscribe to the standards and ethical code of the UKCP

Robert Goodsell

“Robert is a stimulating and astute therapist with a supportive, encouraging and sometimes very challenging style” Client

His special interests include creating a deeper existential understanding of life in commercial / professional settings and the interplay with home and relationships, helping clients improve the way they work and interact with others, ennui, depression or trauma as well as clients who solely want to explore the meaning of being in the world.

As well as working with private individuals from many ethnic backgrounds he also has worked with the leaders of large international corporations, senior military personnel, senior professionals, civil servants as well as managers of large and small businesses.

“I aim to create the space for each client to examine not only the choices and freedom that exist in even in highly pressured work environments but how the exercise of these sometimes unconscious choices impacts the client and those around them.  In understanding these issues in depth an understanding of the responsibility that the client has to themselves and others emerges.  This allows authentic choices to be made about how to live life and relate to others that benefit my client also in many cases the client’s organisation”  Robert Goodsell

Practice Location: Baker Street area, London W1