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Consultancy and Mentoring

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe”
John Muir – founder of the Sierra Club writing in 1911

Robert supported Simon Milton in creating Pulse Brands and continues to work as a member of the expanding Pulse Brands team.

He combines the roles of business strategist, developer of leadership teams, leadership coach and communicator and marketer to help groups and individuals firstly understand and then profoundly influence the system in which they work.

Specific expertise includes managing acute situations – acquisitions, mergers and wide scale organisational change and development in Europe, US and ME – as well as performance improvement at the unit or departmental level of complex organisations. In addition Robert is a specialist in embedding ethical practice as a foundation for creating the sustainable organisation.

“Corporate culture again and again is proven to be the most important driver of long-term organisational success or failure.  And yet corporate culture remains one of the most difficult subjects to work with – everyone knows when its right or not right but the levers for change remain, despite the thousands of pages of writing on the topic, notoriously slippery to grasp.  This is what has drawn to me to work in this area.”  Robert Goodsell