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HRG Partners is a network of consultants and therapists working internationally.

Working with the individual, the group and sometimes with the whole organisation we help clients discover how to create more value for themselves and for the organisation or system in which they work.

As network founder and coordinator Robert Goodsell combines a specialist therapy practice with international organisational consultancy and senior level mentoring.  Previously holding senior posts in a number of global organisations he has qualifications in engineering, economics, philosophy and psychology.

Creating the opportunity for others to discover and deeply explore their role in the world is an important motivator for Robert and this has led him to establish and support not-for-profit enterprises.

Authenticity of self, of intent and of practice, is key to success and personal satisfaction.  Achieving such authenticity often requires the cutting away the deposits of false sophistication that build up in a business career, of questioning routines and rituals that have sustained one up the ladder.  Above all it means getting back to the heart of the individual and the enterprise – people, their hopes, needs and affiliations – and connecting to these as a person rather than as manager, change agent or executive” Robert Goodsell